• Castelli CW. 3.1 Glove review 25/30

    As winter draws in it's time to start thinking about your cycling wardrobe. As the old saying goes, 'there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes'. And perhaps the two areas which cause the most discomfort when out on cold rides are hands and feet. That's where good gloves come in.

    We chose Castelli's CW. 3.1 Glove (the CW stands for cold weather) because of its lightness yet strong capability of standing up to the cold. We find a lighter glove makes it easier using the controls, and certainly the CW.3.1 is a very manouevrable glove. It's claimed to be good for temperatures from  0°-10° C (32°-50° F). On our test ride at 7° C, there wasn't even an inkling of cold in our hands, giving us confidence to venture out in much colder temperatures with them.

    IMAG1094 Water beads off with ease.

    Constructed from Polartec and a 3 layer Airflex light fabric, they are water resistant and breathable. We ran them under a tap, and water just beaded off without any problems, although for very extreme wet conditions a neoprene glove might be more suitable. Inside is a soft, warm Polartec Power Dry fleece, designed to wick away moisture. It's not cycling-jersey style wicking - your hands can still get a bit clammy, but we'll take that any day over the cold.

     A velcro strap helps seal the wrist, keeping the cold out, whilst a handy gel pad on the palm helps eliminate road buzz. Another nice feature is the silicon grip pattern, very handy for wetter rides when grip on the bars is paramount.


    On the outside of the little finger is a very effective reflective strip. It all helps with added visibility on darker rides.

    Other than for the very coldest rides, we would readily recommend these gloves for almost all Autumn and Winter riding conditions. Available at

    Buy Castelli Winter Cycling Gloves Now

    Warmth:  8/10

    Waterproof:  8/10

    Comfort:  9/10


  • Santini Interactive Aero Jersey & Bib Shorts Review

    Santini SMS is one of the more established Italian cycling kit brands, but is often off many cyclists radar due to Castelli's dominance in the market. But here's the thing. If you cycle in Italy, you will see a lot more Santini on the road. It's the Italian's choice, and it's easy to see why. The attention to detail in Santini gear, their excellent chamois pads and keen pricing make it an attractive choice. I often reach for Santini kit as I like the fact that you see less of it on the road, and therefore it feels a little bit more exclusive.

    Santini's Super-Aero Interactive Kit

    Style: "santini trasparente"

    In terms of styling, there is no doubt it is a lot more continental, and the Interactive Aero Jersey and Bib shorts I recently took on a cycling trip around the Italian lakes certainly has European race styling. And I like it.

    This is a full on racer's kit. It is very aerodynamic, and therefore tight. I cheated a little, upsizing to an XL jersey on account of not quite having the stomach for it. The front panel is constructed from a stretch Artico fabric, whilst the back is micro-mesh LycraKa which is designed to be comfortable in the tuck position. The sleeves are longer, as you would expect on an aero jersey, and I found the anti-slip elasticated arms to be comfortable. Interestingly, and I completely missed this whilst wearing the kit, there is a zip fitted internally at the back of the jersey which connects with the shorts to turn the kit into something of a skin suit.

    The shorts were fantastic. Santini say the waist is low cut - but I didn't find it to be so - and that's a good thing as it helped my stomach appear a little bit more aero. The MIG3 pad was utterly brilliant, as you would expect for a World Tour level chamois. The leg hems were a nice stretchy white panel which didn't ride up once during a series of rides up mountains and flat out along Lake Maggiore, and I felt gloriously Italian whilst doing so.

    So, this aero thing - does it work? The evidence suggests yes. On my TT efforts on the flat my average speed was nearly 1.5mph faster than my previous best. That is astonishing, although I can't say for sure it was the aero properties of the suit. It may have been that I looked so good in it, I simply had to back it up with a ride worthy of such a brilliant bit of kit. Recommended for the racers amongst you.

    Santini Interactive Aero Jersey RRP £119.99, Currently £83.99

    Santini Interactive Aero Bib Shorts RRP £144.99, Currently £101.49


  • Lucy's Edit - Summer Look 3

    Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor
    Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor

    This month Pedal & Co's Ladies Wear Stylist, Lucy Lawson, Editor & founder of , raided our stock to pick four distinctly different looks; classic, girly, sporty and stealth, in a bid to find something for everyone…


    This is a great Capo combo for when you mean business.  The cool neon Ladies SC-12 Jersey is not only  bang on-trend colour wise, but also marries up classic style with the latest technology, using CarbonE® and HydroDrop® fabric to provide optimal body temperature.  Equally, The SC-12 Donna short is constructed from high-gauge Lycra®, for excellent muscle support and comfort. They feature the brilliant EIT® Women's Giro HD Carbon pad, Capo's best chamois, with a maximum density of 10mm.  This set is perfect for summer rides and long distance training.


  • Lucy's Edit - Summer Look 2

    Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor
    Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor

    This month Pedal & Co's Ladies Wear Stylist, Lucy Lawson, Editor & founder of , raided our stock to pick four distinctly different looks; classic, girly, sporty and stealth, in a bid to find something for everyone…


    This look is stylish and age appropriate for everyone.  It’s elegant enough for you to show you're a serious cyclist without looking like you're in the peloton. Using Castelli's Prosseco 3D fabric, the Fortuna Jersey is light, airy and perfect for summer.  I love the branding detail on the sleeves and waist, which accents the Castelli Palmares Due Women's Knicker perfectly.   Comfortable and flattering for all sizes and leg shape, with an excellent Kiss 3 Donna anatomically-shaped chamois pad, these tights are a fantastic cycling kit staple.


  • Lucy's Edit - 4 Great Womens' Cycling Looks for Summer / Look 1

    Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor Lucy Lawson - P&C Style Editor

    This month Pedal & Co's Ladies Wear Stylist, Lucy Lawson, Editor & founder of , raided our stock to pick four distinctly different looks; classic, girly, sporty and stealth, in a bid to find something for everyone…

    "This month I want to show that you can mix and match brands with flattering results, if you pick your outfit carefully.  Pedal & Co caters for riders with all different tastes and confidence levels, so I wanted to create a simple edit to suit a spectrum of styles.  I’ve divided these up into 4 simple ‘looks’; girly, classic, sporty and stealth…”

    The Girly Look…
    If the thought of wearing white tights brings you out in a cold sweat, then think again. These Santini Rea 3/4 Knickers are very flattering.  They feature a silicon gripper on the back of the knee to keep the tights in place and a soft elastic waistband makes them very comfortable. The seat pad is Santini's excellent GIL Gel pad. They’re super soft and fitted, like wearing a 2nd skin without your bottom looking like a bag of flumps!  I also love the Nalini FS Lady TI jersey as it’s summery and fun, everything cycling should be.


  • Sportful R&D SC Jersey Review

    Sportful's R&D SC Jersey comes out of the Italian's brands Research and Development Centre - and you really can tell that the boffins have been looking at ways to make cycling jerseys better. The Sensitive® fabric is really soft and pleasing to the touch. The softness creates an excellent, non-crinkling fit whilst retaining the wicking qualities every good cycling jersey needs. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the laser-cut air vents with mesh backing, which not only look great, but provide extra cooling and ventilation.

    We love the new-sew hem and pocket elastic with the reflective pocket outline. This works incredibly well - and makes the usual reflective tabs look pathetic in comparison.

    Reflective strip around the pockets works a treat. Reflective strip around the pockets works a treat.

    The cut definitely leans more towards race-fit. The very low collar show's the jerseys racing aspirations. If you're lean, your regular size will most likely fit you well. If you've still got a bit or work to do, size up.

    At 5'10" and 168lbs the XL fitted perfectly. At 5'10" and 168lbs the XL fitted perfectly.

    This is a jersey which really looks it's best when paired with the Sportful R&D Bib shorts. At Pedal&Co, we are all for coordinated or matching kit - it looks so much better, makes you feel good and makes you ride so much faster (probably).

    So, if you are looking for a really distinctive, exclusive look this summer, we would whole heartedly recommend the R&D kit by Sportful in any of the colourways (Black/Red being the other).

  • Castelli Entrata Jersey Review

    At we're big fans of the Castelli Entrata Jersey. Firstly, it's very good value for such a great quality jersey. Then there is the design - simple and elegant. It's the cycling equivalent of the Little Black Dress (but for men - you know what we mean). You can keep one of these in your wardrobe for several seasons and it will always look right.

    Classy raw cut sleeves give a pro feel. Classy raw cut sleeves give a pro feel.









    The jersey itself is constructed from Prosecco 3D fabric. It's a light, fast drying fabric with a waffley-texture. It's not as soft as some jerseys, but that is not a negative - it is still extremely comfortable. Up close it is very similar to the climber's jersey, which comes in at a lot more money. The raw cut sleeves are a great touch - they really give a pro look and are very comfortable.

    The Entrata is a more relaxed fit than their more thoroughbred race jerseys. So, if you don't wear the skin tight, aero look very well, this could be the jersey for you. To put it in perspective, I'm 5'10" and 12 stone (168lbs), not super-lean, but I don't have a big stomach either - and a Large fits perfectly well, as does an XL - although perhaps a bit too roomy for my liking. With the more aero jerseys I would have no chance of getting in to a Large.

  • Sportful Total Comfort Bib Short Review


    Sportful's Super Plush High End Bibs

    There are many cyclists who prefer a slimmer pad to provide optimum comfort in the saddle. Then there are those that don't. They crave a plush chamois, and if they could damned well get away with putting a seat pad on their bike, they would. It's this type of rider who will undoubtedly love Sportful's bum-saving Total Comfort Bib Short (RRP £135.00, Regardless of your preference, however,  these Bibs will keep almost every cyclist extremely comfortable on even the longest ride.

    The pad is very deep - 18mm around the ischial area (most other bib shorts will be 10-12mm at their deepest). This feels slightly strange at first, but once you get riding they are a bit of a revelation. The mesh straps are wide, and once correctly positioned stay comfortable, with no slipping around. The lycra is high gauge for added support, and the leg grippers are wide  and flat, which gives a great finish. I donned a pair for the brutal Chiltern 100 Sportive. 110 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing, and I had been suffering a bit 'down there'. I had zero discomfort on that ride, which tells me they are very special bib shorts indeed. Bike Radar gave them 5 stars, and we go along with that.

    Buy if: You suffer from discomfort in the saddle. Your bum will thank you.

  • Wet Weather - The Essential Selection


    Gift of the Gabba

    Cycling clothing technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now it's perfectly possible to take on the elements and come home almost completely dry. Quality Waterproof jacket, bib tights and shoe covers will extend your riding season by a considerable margin. The most iconic is Castelli's Gabba range - we stock the highly sought after Gabba Convertible jackets (RRP £220.00), Gabba Short Sleeve Jerseys (RRP £150.00) and long sleeve Jerseys (RRP £185.00). Gabba is the go-to wet weather clothing for many of the pro's. We also like Sportful's Hot pack No Rain Stretch jacket (RRP. £125.00) which does a great job of keeping water out, and is very light and packable.

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